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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sebago Lake...

So way back in our trip, just south of Memphis we met some people in a swimming pool. They invited us to visit them in Maine when we were there – foolish! We discovered that they were only 20 minutes from Suzy’s camp – SOOOO we contacted them and turned up at their ‘beach house’. Ditched the RV in the parking lot and ended up spending two nights with them….
They live in the summer in a kind of campground but you own your unit. I heard about who was swinging, who was suing who, who was a nutter, who was new, who was a republican/democrat/liberal,  etc etc. Once word got out there were a couple of NZ’ers hanging around, everyone around popped by and we were kind of interviewed. Everyone ‘loved’ kiwis etc. In fact it was a real education into the daily life of every day Americans – fascinating.
Glenn and Yvette were very good to us. They taught us how to eat a whole Maine hard shell lobster, cooked up fresh clams and took us out on their pontoon boat on the lake – just lovely….in fact we want one of these boats for Paua – IMAGINE canal cruising – perfect! Gave us a real insight into daily life of a local here which as you can imagine is very different to ours. Their friends took us out too - such great hospitality! Famous people houses around too Demi Moore, John Travolta apparently....
Sebago Lake area is awesome, beautiful fresh water, cool dinky places to eat and drink, and places are CHEAP – I mean to buy a lake front home maybe $300….honestly it is ridicuolous how cheap.  Whilst the house is cheap, water front properties pay extremely high rates (in Cape Cod anywhere from $20-30k a year). Anyway we did a good sell job for NZ tourism and handed over the kiwi from our dashboard and a whole lot of stuff from the RV and headed on our way ….
Relaxing on the pontoon boat on Jordan Bay

Sebago Lake area

Getting off the lovely pontoon boat

fresh clams for dinner

yip a whole lobster each

My dinner

The second pontoon boat we went on

lovely homes around the lake front

Sebago lake

Nice beach you can pull up to - locals still use parts of this lake for drinking - it's huge

Close up - imagine this on a canal cruise

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